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Mentoring - why not give it go? If your regular partner is away for a holiday, or any other reason, please think about independently mentoring one of our aspiring novices. You only need to know the basics of bridge and have a patient nature. If you are interested, contact our partnership coordinator, Claire Weston

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO MEMBERS? Any member or visitor requiring attendance by an ambulance (as deemed necessary by the Director of the day) although they may not have requested or consented to it, they will be responsible for the payment of the emergency service provided.

2018-2019 subscriptions now due.
Home Club Members $60.00
Non-Home Club Members $30.00
Nomination Fee $20.00 This is a one-off fee subject subs are kept up to date.
Subscriptions can be paid to the Director and a Receipt will be issued. The last day for subscriptions payable is 31st July 2018. After this date the member will have to pay Visitors Table Money and when renewed will incur a renomination fee of $20.00 again. The Subs can also be paid via Internet Banking details of which are on the Homepage.